Hounslow Allies

  • Befriending young people living in care in Hounslow
  • Monthly visits
  • Part of the Independent Visitor Service which is a statutory requirement for local authorities to provide

Hounslow Allies is the Independent Visitor Service for the Borough of Hounslow. All Local Authorities have a statutory duty to provide IVs to children in their care. Allies are IVs, volunteers who are not part of the network of professionals responsible for young people in care.

We match volunteers with children living in Hounslow and those who are placed outside the Borough, aged between 8 and 16+ but will support matches until the young person reaches their 19th birthday if a match is in place before they are 18.

We work hard to match those living outside the Borough as they are often more vulnerable, and the Independent Visitor Service was originally set up to meet the needs of those young people in particular who were at risk of loneliness and isolation. Mainly volunteers and their child meet up on a monthly basis, have fun, learn new activities, share their skills, knowledge and build happy memories together.

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What does Hounslow Allies mean to our volunteers?

The Hounslow Allies website competition asked the young people to produce an image about what Allies meant to them for the new website. The young people shared images of activities they had been on, drew sketches and lots of amazing art! We are so pleased to have received images that we can use to demonstrate how amazing these young people are and the enjoyment they get from having an ally. 

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