Handyperson Project (Stirlingshire & Clackmannanshire)

  • Volunteering project where older volunteers (normally but not exclusively aged 50+) support other older people, or people with a disability
  • The service supports people with small and minor maintenance tasks in their own homes.
  • Operating across Stirlingshire and Clackmannanshire

Our Handyperson Service operates across Stirlingshire and Clackmannanshire, where volunteers complete small and minor maintenance jobs that some older people or people with disabilities cannot do by themselves in their own homes.

The volunteering hours available are completely flexible and we will work around the volunteer and what spare time they have.  If you are interested in volunteering, or you know someone who could do with some help around the house, then please contact us!

The types of jobs that our volunteers complete take less than 2 hours and include things such as putting up shelves, building flat pack furniture, changing lightbulbs, replacing batteries in smoke alarms and hanging curtains or blinds.

Volunteers take part to help others, use their skills and experience in a helpful way to the community, and benefit from the chance of keeping active particularly in retirement.

It can often be difficult to find tradespeople willing to do such minor jobs. It can be somewhat dangerous for older, frail people to do these themselves.

As a result of our service, older people or people with disabilities feel more confident in their ability to live independently in their own homes.  Our volunteers can also offer advice on how to prevent a fire, or fall at home.

Small maintenance tasks completed for older people, and people with disabilities

Active volunteers from across Stirling and Clackmannanshire took part

Older people say the Service helps them feel safe and confident living independently at home

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Handyperson Organiser (Stirlingshire & Clackmannanshire)

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Handyperson (Stirlingshire & Clackmannanshire)

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