Diamond Day Thank You

On 25th January, we closed our 60th anniversary year activities by bringing volunteers together for Diamond Day, a celebration of thanks for all their work across UK communities.

In recognition of our volunteers, events were hosted in Edinburgh, Stockton on Tees, Cwmbran, Warwickshire, and more, culminating in a spectacular ‘Hidden Diamonds’ gala-fundraiser at the iconic Oval Cricket Ground in London. We were delighted that so many volunteers could join the Hidden Diamonds gala, where local celebrations were streamed live to the Oval.

One of the many highlights of the evening was our volunteer award ceremony, an opportunity to pay tribute to our volunteers, who willingly give their time, expertise, and energy to help create stronger communities and a better future for all.

Reflecting on Diamond Day, our CEO, Paul Reddish said, “Diamond Day was an unforgettable way to celebrate everyone who has ever been involved with Volunteering Matters over the past 60 years. A collective ‘Thank You’ to our volunteers, colleagues, and to the communities we are privileged to support. Hearing from our volunteers throughout the Hidden Diamonds gala was an incredibly moving and  humbling reminder of the importance of volunteering to the future of a civil and kind society.”

Thanks to an amazing selection of auction prizes donated by incredible individuals and organizations, we raised an astonishing £82,536.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in Diamond Day, to everyone who helped at events, handed out certificates, or sent a message; we appreciate you making the day unforgettable. And a very special thank you to our volunteers, past and present.

To re-live the hidden diamonds highlights or take a look for the first time, you can see the pictures here

Or watch the video below.

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