Youth Social Action at the YMCA

As part of #willWeek2022, we spotlight two youth social action volunteers from Team London Young AmAbassadors at Tulip Care school. Supported by their class teacher and Kimberley from Volunteering Matters, Alex and Maria (not their real names) distributed 50 hygiene care packages to their local YMCA and food bank in Dartford.  

Curious to learn more about the kinds of situations experienced by young people staying at the centre, Alex and Maria met with staff at one of the YMCA’s emergency flats. Staff explained that emergency flats are where young people may be housed due to an urgent domestic situation. The team at the YMCA were very impressed by the girls’ caring attitude, responding to all of the questions they asked. 

Despite finding some aspects of the day quite challenging, the girls were happy to hear that their care packages would be used as ‘Welcome Packs’ for young people arriving at the YMCA. Both understood just how much receiving a ‘welcome pack’ would mean to a displaced young person. Speaking of her own experience, Maria said, “just having a toothbrush, toothpaste, and sanitary goods is a luxury.”  Maria and Alex are keen to volunteer again and look forward to their next social action project. 

 What is #iwill week? 

#iwill week is an annual celebration of the work young people are leading up and down the UK. This year it is taking place from 21 – 25 November. We want to encourage meaningful conversations amongst all of us who work in the youth sector around how we can continue to support youth social action into 2023. 

For more information, visit the #iwill movement website

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