Results from our Volunteer Snapshot Survey 2023

Our Volunteer Snapshot Survey 2023 results to see what our volunteers think about Volunteering Matters and volunteering more generally.

Our fantastic volunteers have recently shared their thoughts in our recent ‘Volunteer Snapshot Survey’. This invaluable insights into the volunteer experience, allows us to better understand the strengths of our community and areas where we can enhance your journey with us.

Survey highlights

  • 91% agreed that overall they were satisfied with their volunteering role
  • 85% of volunteers were likely to continue volunteering with us within the next 12 months
  • The top 3 motivations for volunteering were to improve things and help others, use existing skills and having the spare time available
  • 25% didn’t feel part of Volunteering Matters as a wider organisation
  • 26% didn’t feel they knew enough about Volunteering Matters
  • 90% agreed that they would recommend volunteering with Volunteering Matters

What’s next?

We are committed to implementing changes based on the suggestions to make involvement with us even more fulfilling. We are guided by the Vision for Volunteering, a ten-year collaborative project designed to create a better future for volunteering. The changes we are currently looking to implement include.

  • Improving our website so volunteers can find out more about us as an organisation, and future volunteers can find suitable roles
  • Re-introduce regular email updates to supporters to let them know more about us and the impact we’re making on the group
  • Do more to shout about the amazing impact volunteers are making within communities

Stay connected!

The stories, experiences, and ideas of all our supporters matter to us. We encourage you to stay connected and share your journey with us. Whether it’s a moment of inspiration, suggestions for improvement, or simply a story to tell, we want to hear from you.

A one pager of the results from the survey. Explained in detail on this page.



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