Sporting Chance Stockton

  • Health and wellbeing programme for older men in Stockton on Tees
  • Offering a range of free activities and sessions each week
  • Proven to help participants enhance their physical and mental health, wellbeing and friendship circle

If you are a man aged 50+ in Stockton-on-Tees and looking to enhance your health and wellbeing, or simply get involved in a range of social groups or activities, Sporting Chance is for you!

There is something for everyone on our weekly programme including Walking Football, Armchair Exercise, Walking, Gym activities, Healthy Cookery, and lots more. We also offer social groups for those just looking for a chat over a cuppa!

Sporting Chance welcomes all men aged 50+ regardless of their fitness level.  Before joining our programme, some of our current participants were lonely and isolated, at a loose end or bored after bereavement or retirement.  Collectively, all the participants were looking for ‘something to do’.

Men can simply come in to a session and see what’s on offer or, if they have health concerns, they can access Sporting Chance through the G.P. Referral system at their local surgery.

Sporting Chance enhances wellbeing.  Studies have shown that participants report weight loss, reduced medication, improved mood, improved mobility, or an overall increased sense of wellbeing. Nearly all participants report increased socialisation opportunities, they “get out more” and have “lots of new mates”.

A man sitting in a wheelchair on an indoor court. He has just let go of a curling stone with his team watching on

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