Employment Support for Parents (Scotland)

  • We offer a range of employability support programmes to parents across Edinburgh, West Lothian and Aberdeenshire
  • Helping parents move forward in life, progressing into Employment, Higher Education, or Training
  • Parents take part in regular 1:1 support sessions which are flexible, based on their individual needs and goals
  • Parents also have the chance to benefit from a positive and empowering mentoring relationship, provided by a Volunteer Mentor

Volunteering Matters and ProjectScotland deliver a range of employability support programmes for parents in Scotland.  Currently, these are being delivered across the City of Edinburgh, West Lothian and Aberdeenshire.

We help parents to enhance their employability prospects and move forward in life. We offer personalised and bespoke support, based on the needs, goals, and interests of parents themselves.

Our skilled staff, and team of Volunteer Mentors, support parents to understand and identify their strengths, skills, and barriers to employment.  We then support parents to put steps and strategies in place, to overcome these barriers and challenges.

We are always looking for Volunteer Mentors to provide social, emotional, and practical support to parents.  If you could help a parent to move forward in life, become a Volunteer Mentor by contacting us today!

Our free programmes benefit parents who identify within at least one of the 6 priority groups:

  • Lone Parents
  • Parents with a disability, or who have a child with a disability
  • Parents from an ethnic minority background
  • Families with 3 children or more
  • Families with a child under the age of 1
  • Parents aged 25 and under

Parents are supported with vocational activities including support with job searching, job applications, Higher Education applications, developing CV’s, mock interviews, developing “soft skills”, building confidence, plus so much more.

We also provide work-ready support, helping parents to access work placements, supported volunteering experiences, or the opportunity for parents to benefit from mentoring.

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Current volunteering opportunities

Parent Mentor (Edinburgh, West Lothian or Aberdeenshire)

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Angie’s Story, Mentor

“When I first met Lynne, she was lacking in confidence and was not sure of the direction she wanted to take. We had some lovely chats and during our meet ups I made a few suggestions, discussing her options with her and leaving her to reflect and choose how she wanted to go forward. She is such a lovely person and I’m so happy to see her hard work has paid off with her in her new job and her confidence has improved hugely.”

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