RSVP (East of England)

• Working with volunteers aged 50+
• Knitting and stitching groups across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

RSVP in the East of England region has a wide-ranging network of knitting and stitching groups across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. The members knit and sew exclusively for charities and others in need of help.

There are over 3000 members signed up across the region, knitting, crocheting and stitching. Age is no barrier – with members including young people and those aged over 100, reflecting the diverse nature of the local communities. The Knitters and Stitchers support charities abroad locally.

To support their local communities, the knitters created “warm bags” containing items including hot water bottles, blankets and knitted socks. The first batch were snapped up within 90minutes after being offered for free at a local community centre. Since then, many more have been distributed through local charities and religious centres.

  • Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers – 127 groups
  • Suffolk Knitters and Stitchers – 40 groups
  • Essex Knitter and Stitchers – 130 groups

16 knitted smoothie hats featuring a range of different colours, shapes and sizes

Current volunteering opportunities

Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex Knitters

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