Passport Scheme Newcastle

  • An innovative approach to volunteering in Newcastle upon Tyne   
  • Flexibility, choice and portability  
  • By completing 1 single recruitment and training process, volunteers are enabled to “cross borders” and take part in dozens of volunteering roles with over 30+ charities 
  • Huge variety of roles and opportunities available to suit your preferences  

Are you keen to volunteer in Newcastle but uncertain about the right type of volunteering for you, or looking to try out some different volunteering roles, to see what suits you best? The Volunteer Passport Scheme may be just what you’re looking for!

The scheme allows you to volunteer in a wide range of distinct roles suited to your availability, skillset, and interests to find what is right for you; it’s a sort of “try before you buy” for volunteers. 

The advantage of the Passport Scheme is that we will take you through 1 single recruitment and training process, which enables you to access a wide range of volunteering opportunities with multiple charities and organisations across Newcastle. This means you can get involved in volunteering quickly and easily! 

Our recruitment process includes an Application Form, an informal chat with us, character references and an Enhanced Level DBS.  Following this, we ask that volunteers take part in an induction session and 1 day mandatory training which is delivered by our partners Newcastle City Learning. 

There are many benefits to becoming a Passport Scheme volunteer including: 

  • Volunteers can “cross borders” between organisations, gaining experience in different volunteer roles, without being required to repeat recruitment and training processes; 
  • The opportunity to choose from over forty different volunteer roles, or multiple roles, everything from supporting at one-off events to longer term volunteering; 
  • The opportunity to make a meaningful difference within local communities, increasing the feeling of connection with the Newcastle upon Tyne region; 
  • Meeting new people and creating new connections with other groups and organisations; 
  • Enhancing your CV through volunteering experience, increasing employability prospects; 
  • Learning and developing new skills to improve health and wellbeing, skills, and knowledge; 
  • A physical Volunteer Passport which you can keep and update as you go, presenting as a volunteering record of achievement. 

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Passport Scheme Volunteer (Newcastle upon Tyne) 

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Beth’s Volunteer Story

“I find volunteering really fulfilling because many of the learners were scared about using computers but, after supporting them, they feel more confident and excited to try new things such as buying items online or uploading their CV and sending it to potential employers. One man was very excited because he was able to video call his grand daughter who was living away at university. Another learner was happy because she could check how to obtain a passport online.”

Project funded by Newcastle City Council

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