Key Facts

  • Running in Brighton & Hove
  • Supporting people aged 50 and over through volunteer-led group activities or 1:1 services

Due to COVID-19 we are still recruiting, but are operating remotely to maintain social distancing. Please get in touch with our team for more details. 

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LifeLines is a volunteer-led project supporting people aged 50 and over in Brighton. LifeLines runs activities and one-to-one support schemes to help older people stay more active and better engaged with their communities. They recruit, train and support volunteers to start up their own chosen activities at a suitable venue – and have supported activities from computer lessons and ballroom dancing through to bereavement counselling.

Through these volunteer-led projects, older volunteers experience reduced loneliness and isolation, become more physically active and leave their home more, socialising more and making new friends with people of all ages. Many volunteers on the project have called LifeLines their lifeline, especially those who volunteered after losing a loved one.

We also have opportunities for volunteers to work one to one with older people to help them get out more (Activity Partners) or improve their IT skills (LifeLines Connections). LifeLines Brighton volunteers and beneficiaries


Prime Time is the part of Lifelines that supports men aged 50+ living across the city of Brighton & Hove. In partnership with local organisations, Prime Time sends out a monthly newsletter via email providing a database of useful contacts and a calendar of events and activities.  Prime Time also runs its own activities for men, including walking groups and pilates.


HealthLink supports older people who are isolated or whose friends and family can’t provide support to get to their healthcare appointments. By enabling people to get to routine health appointments the scheme aims to reduce cancellations, missed health appointments as well as the need for people to make unplanned visits.

As a HealthLink volunteer you would accompany older people to GP surgeries, dentists, hospital and other health appointments.

HealthLink isn’t a transport scheme but getting to appointments can be much less stressful with the company and support of a HealthLink volunteer.

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Volunteering Opportunities run by this project:

Lifelines – Volunteer (Brighton)


Looking for people aged 50 and over based in Brighton who want to stay active and involved in their local community. We will support you to run or take part in a huge range of activities - from computer clubs to loss support groups.