Meet Elaine and Bentley from Lifelines

Meet Elaine and Bentley from Lifelines

Meet Lifelines volunteer, Elaine, and her assistance dog, Bentley. Elaine recently took on a rigorous swimming challenge to raise funds for the charity that train and provide assistance dogs.

Introducing Elaine and Bentley from our Lifelines project, an incredible team who always go that extra mile to support their community.

Elaine has been volunteering with our Lifelines project in Brighton since 2016. Bentley is Elaine’s assistance dog and has been trained to specifically support a disabled person.  Elaine is a wheelchair user and Bentley provides her with daily practical support; he can take clothes out of the washing machine, pick up any dropped items, and do numerous other household chores. Elaine told us, “Before Bentley, my life was a struggle. Things people take for granted, like getting dressed, opening doors, getting into bed, laundry,  shopping, the list is endless. Bentley helps with it all!”

Elaine was so keen to repay the charity Canine Partners UK , which trains and provides assistance dogs, that she took on the enormous challenge of swimming 400 lengths of  her local swimming pool,  over four weeks during January and February. Initially aiming to raise £500, Elaine has far exceeded that raising an astonishing £2,100. In celebration, Elaine swam an extra 100 lengths!

We are incredibly proud of Elaine. And Bentley, of course!

For more information and to volunteer with Lifelines, please contact the team at:

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