Change Story – Will Mann and Paramveer Sanghera

Change Story – Will Mann and Paramveer Sanghera

Sentient App development- Health Champion Paramveer and friend Will Mann, founder of Spudg Studios, developed the free well-being tracking app.

Sentient is a mood tracker and visualiser, allowing users to track how their mood changes over time by adding scores out of 100 daily. Tracking mood over time can aid awareness and help identify patterns and reasons for periods of abnormally high or low moods.

Users can add a reminder to post a notification at a set time every day to prompt adding a mood record. This can help remind users to post records as the best analytics are produced when records are posted consistently over longer periods of time.

Sentient is available for free on the Google Play Store.

“After speaking with Paz and searching for a truly free mental health application or tracker, there wasn’t a huge amount of choice and many of the big names have the functionality there but are charged to use it. Sentient was created to provide people with an option without ads that will always be 100% free.

Programming being a hobby allows me to spend time-making applications that don’t require a profit motive at all and can exist purely out of a desire to help people stay aware of their mental health and well-being during their day-to-day lives. As well as Sentient, I’ve built a number of other more financial apps for this same purpose.

“I hope as many people as possible find value in what Paz and I have put into Sentient and all feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated!”
Will Mann

“As a Health Champion I was able to help Will by looking at new possibilities within the app for tracking mental health.”
Paramveer Sanghera Health Champion

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