Volunteering Matters (formerly CSV) has over 50 years’ experience of providing support for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in communities across the UK. We work in partnership with local and national government, the health and education sector and other voluntary organisations.

We understand the challenges faced by commissioners and we can provide flexible and cost effective solutions tailored to meet the needs of your local area. Our focus is on delivering high quality, measurable results and our programmes for young people, disabled people, older people and families are innovative and evidence based. We can offer you:

  • The support of a respected and policy-leading charity
  • Knowledge and expertise in successfully tackling some of the most complex issues faced by young people, disabled people, older people and families
  • Experience of delivering and managing large scale contracts
  • Delivery tailored to meet local needs based on a tried and tested methodology


Supporting older people to improved health and well being
93% of volunteers feel more physically active and leave the home more

We are uniquely placed to empower older people aged 50+ to use their skills and abilities within their local community. With over 18,000 older volunteers across the UK, we will work with you to identify the need in your community and provide solutions that meet those needs and the requirements of the Care Act 2014. Our services include:

  • Peer-led programmes which reduce the isolation and loneliness of older people and improve their health and well being
  • Supporting vulnerable older people to attend health appointments
  • Intergenerational projects such as “Reading in Schools” and “Grandmentors” where older people use their skills and experience to mentor young people leaving care

Contact Yvonne Ogden, Business Development Manager, on 0782313241 or email



Supporting disabled people to fulfil their individual potential
Over 90% of disabled volunteers progress into employment or study

“The support that Volunteering Matters provides continues to enable people with learning disabilities to improve their confidence so they can lead a full, active and independent life in the community. The new and innovative services that Volunteering Matters are developing are good examples of where we should be heading in the years to come.”

Stephen Rogers, Joint Commissioner for Adults with a Learning Disability Norfolk County Council

We know that continuing cuts in public services present a challenge to commissioners to provide personalised approaches and preventative activities for disabled people. Our established Supported Volunteering Programme provides volunteer support to enable disabled people aged 14+ to engage in volunteering, live independently,develop new skills and to play an active role in their community. Our programmes can help you meet your preventative duties in a personalised and proactive way and deliver costs savings through the increased independence of disabled people.

Contact Jemma Mindham, Business Development Manager, on 07724 069518 or email



Supporting Young People to be better prepared for adult life
96% of young volunteers feel better prepared for employment or education

“Volunteering Matter’s Allies Programme is brilliant and all the young people have nothing but excellent comments. A strength of the programme is the continuity and relationship between the young person and the independent volunteer.”

Bruce Biege, LCSW, QSW, Adolescent Clinical Social Worker Hounslow Council

We believe that volunteering has a key role to play in addressing the challenging environment that many young people are facing in their transition to adulthood. By working with some of the most disengaged young people across the UK, including those in and leaving care and not in education, employment or training (NEETS), we help young people make a huge difference in their communities and gain future employability and life skills whilst building their confidence and meeting new people.

Contact Yvonne Hunt, Business Development Manager, on 020 3780 5886 or email



Supporting vulnerable families to feel less isolated and better socially engaged
100% of social workers would recommend Volunteering Matters as a partner, we deliver an above average score on the Family Outcomes Star

“I have seen cases where I really thought that reception into care would be the only option as it seemed like the parent could not make the necessary changes – and the volunteer has turned that around.”

Aaron Child Protection Social Worker

Our innovative and award-winning Volunteer Supporting Families programme (link to that page) was developed following the death of Victoria Climbie and has projects across the UK. We work alongside Social Care Teams who refer families with children on Child Protection and Child in Need Plans where there are complex needs and neglect is an issue.

We provide an additional resource for Social Workers, successfully achieving improved outcomes for children and families, enabling them to stay together; reducing the number of children on child protection and child in need plans. By improving parenting skills, reducing isolation and improving the quality of family life the reliance on social care services is reduced.

Contact Jill Williams, Business Development Manager, on 020 3780 5907 or email