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Our Employee Volunteering team has over 25 years’ experience of providing tailor-made service support to employers developing their own corporate volunteering and business volunteering programmes. We ensure these programmes meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) & organisational objectives, whilst meaningfully engaging with the community.

We are delighted to now be supporting employers to offer online volunteering opportunities to their staff through our eMentorMe platform.  Please see Our Offer for further information.

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Our expert knowledge of the needs of local communities and grass-roots organisations coupled with our unique understanding of how to match employers from all sectors means that every year we engage over 10,000 volunteers from over 50 companies in more than 400 community settings.

Employee Volunteering with Volunteering Matters stands out from the competitors through our ability to deliver locally as well as on a UK-wide basis. We risk assess all volunteering projects, comply with health and safety legislation, safeguarding and we don’t charge membership fees.

Our Employee Volunteering team work with various clients across the UK including Deloitte, National Grid, Deutsche Bank, KPMG, The Discovery Channel and QBE.

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Our Offer

We take care of finding the appropriate volunteering projects, matching the preferences of employers, employees and the needs of local communities.

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Our Impact

We stand out from our competitors through our ability to deliver locally as well as on a UK-wide basis, find out more about our impact.

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Employee Volunteering Case Studies

Read more about our Employee Volunteers who spend their time on various projects from mentoring children in school, or restoring local green spaces, to employability workshops.

Measuring the Good Project

Measuring the Good offers a volunteer-­based, practical and cost-­effective solution that leverages the resources of experienced professionals and combines their expertise with those of the charity’s leadership.