Pembrokeshire Skills Share

Pembrokeshire Skills Share is a UK Government-funded Levelling Up project operating throughout Pembrokeshire. It aims to bring communities and generations together to share skills and learn something new. We have lots of freedom in this project – any skill, big or small, we can help you to share it!

Everyone has a skill that others would love to learn, and we are looking for volunteers throughout Pembrokeshire who are up for sharing theirs. Our ‘Skills Share’ project is about encouraging and supporting people in Pembrokeshire to share their skills with others in their communities.

This is usually in the form of a session with anywhere from 3 to 10 (or more) attendees. It can be a younger volunteer sharing a skill with older people, or vice versa… or a mix of both.

Volunteering can be for a one-off session (or more, if you want), with the time needed being set by you. We’ll help you get set up as a volunteer and then work with you to organise the event.

We can pay your travel expenses, purchase any basic supplies needed and support you to help others learn something new. Even if you don’t think you have a skill to share, we’d love to have you help us run the events – and maybe pick up a few new skills along the way.

Here’s a few ideas, but we’re open to all suggestions:

• Window box gardening
• Story telling
• Any craft or art
• Introduction to British Sign Language
• Basic bicycle maintenance
• How to get the best from your phone camera

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If you have an idea, or would just like to chat through some possibilities, please get in touch

This project is kindly funded by

Ffyniant Bro (Cymru)
Department of Levelling Up
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