My Volunteering Story, Colin

Hear from Colin, who has volunteered with our RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme) for around thirty years. Colin shared some very special memories of his time volunteering with us, including meeting the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

Grandmentors Volunteer (Camden)

Grandmentors is an innovative volunteering project where older volunteers use their lifetime of skills and experience to support and mentor young people leaving the care system, this opportunity is in Camden, London.

What we believe

Our Vision for Stronger Communities Our policy positions Advocate the Power of Volunteering

MSV – Mentoring and Supported Volunteering (Dundee)

Offering support to those facing significant barriers to employability, in the Dundee area, to help them to move forward in life, progressing into Employment, Higher Education, Training, or other positive destinations

Mentor (Dundee)

As part of MSV (Mentoring and Supported Volunteering), become a Mentor in Dundee and build a trusting and respectful relationship and work towards positive outcomes or specific goals the mentee would like to achieve.

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