Home Care Lay Assessor (Bristol)

Help improve home care services. In this role you will make contact with service users and/or family or friend and obtain relevant information regarding the quality of home care received.

For volunteers aged 50+ in Bristol and surrounding areas

This role is to provide those receiving home care an opportunity to express their view about the quality of the care they receive. The views expressed, positive and negative as well as any safeguarding concerns, are shared with the Bristol City Council (BCC) as commissioners of home care services within the city.

This feedback forms an important element of BCC’s quality assurance process which aims to encourage delivery of high quality home care services.

The role is part of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) programme in the West of England.

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  • To receive a list of persons receiving home care (service users) from one or more providers selected by BCC and plan to gather service users views and complete a template report within an agreed timescale
  • To make contact with service users and/or family or friend and obtain relevant information regarding the quality of home care received
  • Identify any issues of particular concern e.g safeguarding and refer these for action by appropriate professionals
  • Attend relevant training and peer support meetings.

  • Able to establish a good rapport with service users to promote genuine feedback
  • Good communication skills and patience with service users who may have difficulty expressing their views clearly for a variety of reasons
  • Able to reassure service users that their feedback will be handled confidentially
  • Capacity to accurately record service user feedback and identify any issues of concern and deal with them appropriately.

As a volunteer, you will receive:

  • Full training re the role and other issues e.g communicating with persons with cognitive impairment, recognising safeguarding issues and matters of immediate concern
  • All necessary stationery items including letters and template reports
  • Regular support and the opportunity to participate in peer support meetings to contribute to discussions about issue arising re particular providers, feedback about action taken by BCC following quality visits to providers and updates on home care matters at a local and national level.

RSVP West is a region of RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme, part of the national volunteering charity Volunteering Matters). Our area covers Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, together with Bath & North East Somerset.

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