Volunteer Driver Heather's story

“I’ve been a volunteer driver with Connect+Go since February. I applied to drive the minibus during the evening – I’ve never driven a minibus before! As part of my induction, I was given minibus training and because I don’t have category D1 on my driving licence, Volunteering Matters supported me to take a MiDAS assessment. This was to ensure I could competently drive the vehicle, and I’m pleased to say I passed 😊

I’ve been able to drive young people to attend their monthly Care Leaver’s Council meetings and, honestly, it’s such a lovely role! The young people have been chatty, wanting to share their important roles and we have a discussion about what flavour pizza they’ve had at their sessions – a strong debate over the best pizza is right up my street! A Full-Time volunteer who is from Colombia supports with the journeys and passengers, and it’s also a great chance to learn from her about her culture, learning a bit of Spanish and also offer advice on travelling in the UK.

I’m really glad I volunteered for this role and would encourage anyone who is able to commit some time to support the project. It focuses on reducing isolation and loneliness through transport, and without the minibus, young people wouldn’t be able to attend the monthly meetings, to meet each other and make new friendships. It’s great to hear them chatting with each other about their days at school and college, and generally giving each other a lift. A lot of information is exchanged in a 50 minute trip!”

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