In conversation with Pauline, RSVP Milford Haven Knitting Group 

We were delighted to catch up with Pauline, one of the volunteer knitters with our Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) Milford Haven knitting group.

The sound of clicking needles and friendly chatter fills the air every Monday afternoon at the Milford Haven library. This is where a group of approximately 8-10 volunteer knitters, ranging in age from 21 to 88 years old, gather to knit comfort items for those who need them.  

We were delighted to catch up with Pauline, one of the volunteer knitters with our Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) Milford Haven knitting group. Even though RSVP is primarily for retired people, the Milford Haven Knitting Group welcome everyone to join in.  Here, Pauline shares her experience of what the group means to her, to others and why she enjoys knitting for a cause. 

“The group meets on a Monday afternoon at the local library. There are approximately 8-10 people who come regularly. Everyone is welcome. Us knitters are all ages from 21 to 88 years old.

Seven people sat indoors knitting with wool and knitted items surrounding them

“We meet at Milford Haven library – the community donates the wool if they have it and leave it in the library. The group knit hats, mittens, trauma teddies and blankets for baby units. We also knit larger blankets for the ladies in the chemo unit. I had breast cancer and remember how cold I would become during chemotherapy, so I was keen to knit blankets to give to the breast cancer patients to keep them warm during treatment. 

“I started volunteering with the knitting group ten years ago and took to it straight away. I love helping people, and if a knitted item can bring a person or a child cheer or keep them warm, that makes me happy. The group knit items for relief efforts in Romania, Ukraine and beyond, and I hope the right people get them.   

“The other wonderful thing about the knitting group is the friendship. We live in an isolated area, and some people may not see anyone all week through bereavement or just living alone, so meeting on a Monday gives us something to look forward to. We talk, we share tips, and we knit. It helps with people’s mental health as we are such a mixed age group that we all give each other support through a kind word or some practical advice. 

“I do the meet and greet as I talk to anybody, and it costs nothing to say hello. It is such nice company and a lovely way to make new friends. The knitting group makes a huge difference to us knitters and to the people we donate our items to. It is the highlight of my week, and I would recommend it to anyone.” 

The group’s efforts are a testament to the power of community, volunteering and caring. They come together to create something practical and beautiful, helping those in need while supporting each other.  

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