Volunteer Knitter (Exmouth)

For individuals 50+, this is a knitting group in Exmouth creating items for local, national and international charities.

For volunteers aged 50+ in Exmouth and surrounding areas

Members of the group knit or crochet items for local, national and international charities. Some of the good causes they knit for are:

  • RD&E Premature Baby Unit, Exmouth Council of Voluntary Services
  • Age Concern Exmouth, homeless people, a local refuge and Moldova

Requests from other charities will be accommodated whenever possible. Some members knit/crochet for charities with wool donated by local people, others bring their own wool and knit/crochet with their own wool for themselves.

Visit the group website (External link)

Meetings are held every Thursday 10-12 Noon at the Wings Bar, opposite Imperial Road Car Park, EX8 2DB

RSVP in Wales has a long history of volunteer-led activities for the benefit of the community, providing volunteering opportunities and social opportunities for people over 50+ in various locations throughout the region.

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