• Group created and delivered by local young women in Ipswich, Suffolk
  • Raising awareness of domestic abuse, gang grooming and sexual violence within communities, helping to create safer pathways for reporting these crimes
  • Lobbying for changes to social policy and practice on these issues

WASSUP is an award-winning youth social action project created by young women in Ipswich with three principle aims:

  • Educate peers on the issues of sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, honour based violence and gang grooming
  • Lobby for changes to social policy and practice on these issues promoting young people’s voices
  • Raise awareness in the wider community on these issues.

Young people have collectively built several educational toolkits which are delivered across Suffolk. Their sessions are based on several fictional character’s, Astra, Patrick and Kay. These characters are used to take the audience on an interactive journey using film, spoken verse, drama, imagery, and flashcards.

All tools are created by young people, to document the journey they must make through various decision-making scenarios, based on true life experiences. The toolkit informs young people of the risks and impact of their decisions. It has been adapted for use in primary, secondary and further educational settings. Additional toolkits have been adapted to support professionals to understand the impact of services on young people.

  • Provided criminal exploitation workshops to over 3000 young people during 2022 to 2023
  • Created professional toolkits and resources to all primary schools in Ipswich.
  • Delivered interactive workshops to professionals across  social care setting i.e Social Work Students.
  • Attended Suffolk Safeguarding Board. and intend to work with them for the coming year.

  • Toolkit endorsed by Suffolk Safeguarding Board and forms part of Suffolk Child Sexual Exploitation Plan
  • Led campaigns to address inequalities
  • Submitted evidence to various Government departments, interviewed MP for the BBC and have won a number of awards.

Feedback from teachers

“Great scenario and engagement. Very effective.”

“Relatable scenarios and chances to explore conflicting viewpoints.”

“Very engaging for the children, they learned a lot. The activity brought the scenario to life and made it easy for the children to follow.”

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