London Health Inequalities & Community Development Network

  • A community of practice network with a shared goal of improving health inequalities in London
  • Collaborating across sectors to address the needs of communities in context, impacting, and influencing systems
  • Ensuring London community views are fed into decision making
  • Amplifying the power of community development and collaborative approaches

Join the network to connect, share insights, best practice and support each other in community development work.

We are a network of individuals and organisations working across public health, local authority, voluntary and community sectors throughout London with the shared goal of improving health inequalities.

In our collective communities and workplaces, we are integral to bolstering the health of the people around us. By coming together as a network, we share ideas, experiences and best practice to support each other and strengthen the Greater London Authorities Recovery Missions and the Mayor’s London Health Inequalities Strategy.


  • Optimise the effectiveness of community development approaches across London.
  • Connect and mobilise those working with disadvantaged communities.
  • Embed community development approaches into the mainstream.
  • Build capacity across local systems and across London.

As a network we amplify the power of community development and collaborative approaches within our organisations with the aim of ensuring that community views are fed into decision-making at local, sub-regional, and pan-London levels.

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Our Impact Report (Jan 2023 – March 2024)

The London Health Inequalities and Community Development Network has successfully  established itself as one of the Greater London Authority’s primary mechanisms for professionals to discuss, deliberate, design and strengthen approaches for combating health inequalities. Find out more about the impact of the project.

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