• Supporting the physical health and emotional wellbeing of young people new to the UK
  • Mobilising Youth Social Action through creative storytelling projects.
  • Co creating an interactive welcome pack

The CONNECT project is a space for young people who are new to the UK. They may have refugee status, awaiting asylum or have experience of moving for economic stability.

Our programme provides space for socialising and maintaining positive physical fitness,  health and wellbeing through creative storytelling projects and youth social action development.

In 2023-2024 the group are developing and designing a interactive toolkit. In addition, they are making artworks, installations, poetry, soundscapes and drama performances at different local venues.

  • Work on Youth Social Action programmes
  • Improve the rights of young people and children
  • Learn from professionals working with young people and children
  • Develop your presentation and teamwork skills
  • Build your confidence and independence
  • Make new friends and work contacts
  • Add to your CV for employment after volunteering with us.

  • Delivered interactive Youth Social Action workshops to young people
    16-25yrs, in arts and cultural venues, such as The Hold, Wolsey Theatre and Dance East
  • Created professional toolkits and resources in Suffolk.

The image focuses on a piece of paper with two arms in shot. There is a pen in one hand and a pencil in the other. The person is drawing a image

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