Employee volunteering
Beverly Frain, Head of Employee Volunteering at Volunteering Matters

With party manifestos abound you can’t help but notice that the matter of employee volunteering is a hot topic at the moment. Whether you agree or disagree with the policy of giving all those who work for large companies and the public sector a new entitlement to volunteering leave for three days a year, on full pay, the value of a well-developed, well managed employee volunteering programme as a good investment for all employers both large and small is surely beyond question?

At Volunteering Matters our employee volunteering team’s work is about realising the value of that corporate investment in terms of the impact the volunteering activity makes on their overall business operations, their staff and the community organisations with which they partner.

Enlightened employers know that all projects should make use of their talent and align with their brand goals and culture. The opportunity to Increase employee engagement levels, improve employee skills and wellbeing, improve recruitment and retention rates and reduce sickness levels is why employee volunteering matters to them.