Volunteering Matters is part of a programme aiming to give individuals, carers and their families more control over their health care through personalised care planning and personal budgets.

A Personal Health Budget (PHB) is an amount of money to support someone’s identified healthcare and wellbeing needs.  The budget is planned and agreed between the individual (or their representative) and their local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – which is the relevant part of the NHS.  Similar arrangements for people with social care needs – Personal Budgets – have been around for some time now.

The Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) programme is a nationally led, locally delivered initiative that is supporting healthcare empowerment and the better integration of services across health, social care and the voluntary and community sector. With our colleagues at National Voices and NAVCA, Volunteering Matters makes up the Voluntary Voices partnership. Voluntary Voices is working with NHS England to support the implementation of IPC and help the voluntary and community sector make personal health budgets work for people.


Personal Health Budget Support Networks

We think this is an exciting opportunity for small, local organisations, including those that use volunteers, to think about how they could support individuals to get the best out of the new system.  We are therefore encouraging the creation of nine local PHB Networks.

By becoming part of a PHB Network, your voluntary and community sector organisation will get:

  • Understanding of Personal Health Budgets
  • Up to date briefings on national policy and developments
  • Knowledge of what your CCG’s local offer is
  • Guidance on how to engage with PHBs and work in partnership with CCGs
  • Appreciation of how you can work together to develop local solutions
  • Opportunity to share experiences and build local connections

Throughout 2017, the Voluntary Voices partnership, along with NHS England, ran a programme of support for regional voluntary sector learning and support networks as part of the Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme. We also held webinars for those who were interested by unable to attend. Presentations are available on the links below.


Bringing local voluntary sector groups together with CCGs

NHS England has a mandate commitment to increase provision of personal health budgets to 50,000 – 100,000 people by 2020, and CCGs expect to expand their personal health budget offer in line with this.  We also know that a strong offer which raises awareness of PHB eligibility needs the involvement of voluntary and community sector organisations.  But do we know how to build these local relationships?

In 2018 we will continue to bring local voluntary sector groups together with CCGs.

If you are a community or voluntary sector group that is on the journey of delivering personal health budgets and are considering your next steps, please ask us for more information about the Partnership Sessions to be held in February and March:

  • London 21st Feb
  • Midlands 7th March
  • Leeds 8th March
  • Durham 13th March
  • Gatwick 15th March
  • Manchester 20th March
  • Reading 22nd March
  • Cambridge 28th March


National Summit

28th February 2018, Holiday Inn London – Regent’s Park, Carburton Street, London W1W 5EE

Hosted by the Voluntary Voices Partnership, this free event will be an opportunity for VCSE organisations, NHS and local government professionals to hear best practice examples of partnership working between statutory and VCSE organisations, explore challenges and opportunities for the sector, consider next steps for PHB implementation and discover more about the wider personalised care agenda.

The summit is aimed at all those in the VCSE at national or local level who are already working to support people around PHBs (or would like to develop their work in this area), as well as statutory sector colleagues from CCGs, STPs and local authorities.

Book your free tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/vcse-personal-health-budgets-summit-tickets-40911512435


Please email us on the address below with any questions regarding the national summit or partnership sessions:



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