Volunteer Project Gardening

Our vision is of a society where everyone can participate in their local community through volunteering and social action.

We develop and deliver high impact volunteer-led solutions across the UK in response to some of the most difficult challenges facing individuals and their communities today. We engage more than 23,000 volunteers and 115,000 beneficiaries every year through more than 100 active programmes across the UK.

Our work empowers disabled people to lead independent lives, offers security and stability to families and children, helps young people find their direction in life and enables older people to maintain their health and wellbeing.

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Projects & Programmes

Every year we engage over 30,000 volunteers in the many volunteering programmes that we develop and deliver. Our programmes recognise and reflect the different level of commitment that volunteers can give.

Policy & Research

We have over 50 years of experience (formerly as CSV) in developing volunteering policy and promoting citizen led volunteering opportunities for people of all ages, which improve and sustain individual and community wellbeing.

Volunteering Matters Scotland

Volunteering Matters have established a number of volunteer programmes in Scotland from befriending young people in care and helping people with disabilities to projects aimed at saving the environment and employee volunteering.

volunteering in wales sex matters too project

Volunteering Matters Cymru

We have a long history of social action volunteering across Wales. By investing in people through volunteering we can reduce inequalities and isolation to build stronger more inclusive communities.

Our Work in Europe

Volunteering Matters not only works in the UK but also reaches into European volunteering in policy and practice. We host and support the Secretariat for the Volonteurope Network.

Full-time volunteering

Full-time volunteering is a unique opportunity for those aged between 18 and 35 to undertake the challenge of moving away from home for 6-12 months to volunteer full time.

Support us

For more information on our Business Development Managers for our four pillars; young people, disabled people, older people and families, please click the link.

Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering

Our Employee Volunteering team has over 24 years’ experience of providing tailor-made service support to employers developing their own corporate volunteering and business volunteering programmes.