Volunteering Matters run over 100 UK volunteering programmes which engage people of all ages to support the most vulnerable in their community. We have projects run by and for young people, disabled people, families and older people and our projects suit you whether you’re looking for part-time volunteering, full-time volunteering or event corporate volunteering.

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filmon grandmentors intergenerational mentoring


Grandmentors: building better futures for young people leaving care across 8 areas in the UK. 82% of the care leavers supported by Grandmentors are in education, employment or training after six months, compared to just 51% nationally.

Volunteers Supporting Families

Volunteers Supporting Families recruits, trains and matches volunteers who mentor and support families with complex needs.

Full-time volunteering

Full-time volunteering is a unique opportunity for those aged between 18 and 35 to undertake the challenge of moving away from home for 6-12 months to volunteer full time.

Employee volunteering

As the UK's leading volunteering charity, our expertise in programme design and evaluation takes the time, stress and risk out of developing and running employee volunteer initiatives.

Projects & Programmes

Every year we engage nearly 20,000 volunteers in the many volunteering programmes that we develop and deliver. Our programmes recognise and reflect the different level of commitment that volunteers can give.