Key Facts

  • Running in Ipswich
  • Supporting adults who have had, or who are experiencing mental health and emotional wellbeing challenges to engage in volunteering roles
  • All activities are linked to The Five Ways to Wellbeing framework

The Loop is a supported volunteering programme in Ipswich, which empowers adult volunteers with mental health problems to engage in volunteering roles tailored to their skills, interests, access requirements, and goals for the future. There are 3 parts of The Loop; the Wellbeing and Social Session; the Goals Group and the Projects Group. Volunteers and beneficiaries can get involved as much or little and they feel able.

The Wellbeing and Social Session

In these 2-hour volunteer-led sessions, participants can drop in and enjoy a variety of wellbeing activities within a sociable and supportive group.

The Goals Group

Once participants have attended the Wellbeing and Social Sessions, they can progress to the Goals Group. The Goals Group is a 6 week programme run by volunteers supported by Volunteering Matters staff. The aim of this group is to support attendees to achieve personal goals and learn new strategies to cope with and improve their mental health.

The Projects Group

The final stage of The Loop is the Projects Group, with the main aim to raise awareness of mental health through drama, fundraising events and wellbeing activities in the community.

The Loop gives beneficiaries the opportunity to become volunteers. It enables participants to access the social group as and when they need support, progress onto the Goals Group when ready and take their learning further within the Projects Group.

Beneficiaries love the continuity, commitment, friendship and the emotional support they receive in the groups from their peers.

All activities are linked to The Five Ways to Wellbeing framework – the framework, developed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF), is a set of evidence-based actions which promote people’s wellbeing. They are: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. These activities are simple things individuals can do in their everyday lives.

For up to date information about session timings, please contact Jen on 01473 418020 or email: