Key Facts

  • To give Health Outreach clients a voice and opportunities to tell their story through mediums such as art, drama, photography or the development of training
  • To identify key stake holders and share learning which can positively influence the service they provide to Health Outreach clients
  • To develop volunteering opportunities for clients of Health Outreach to form part of their health pathway


Due to COVID-19 we are still recruiting, but are operating remotely to maintain social distancing. Please get in touch with our team for more details. 

Volunteering Matters latest response to COVID-19

Perspectives is a social action project in partnership with the Health Outreach Service in Suffolk, aiming to give a voice to people and groups who find themselves living outside of mainstream society, culture and services. The project will work with clients currently receiving health related services from Health Outreach, engaging them in sharing their life story and experiences to inform services.

The form this message takes will be determined by Perspectives participants, but could be shared in the form of photography, art, drama, or the development of training. Volunteering Matters will host a number of celebration events to share these messages.

The overall aim of the project with be to give marginalised adults the chance to be seen, heard and included, and we will support participants to volunteer in their community as part of their progression.