Key Facts

  • Building capacity in volunteering within Health and Social Care
  • Running across Newcastle upon Tyne

Network Point Newcastle aims to bring together organisations across Newcastle upon Tyne who work with and support individuals in later life and/or with dementia to build volunteering capacity and share best practice in volunteering.

Network Point Newcastle presents an exciting opportunity to develop a new vision for volunteering in the Health and Social Care Sector, specifically relating to mid to late life and/or dementia.

  • To identify and highlight examples of best practice in order to raise the profile of volunteering in health and social care
  • To create and build a network of experts, practitioners and volunteers within the health and social care sector
  • To support health and social care settings with processes and procedures in order to help them benefit from volunteering and build capacity
  • To link existing volunteering programmes with others to share ideas, training and resources
  • To create resources (i.e. toolkits) for health and social care settings to assist with the development of new volunteering opportunities
  • To explore innovative ways of increasing volunteering with the Health and Social Care Sector

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