Key Facts

  • Running across Norfolk
  • Initially began as a one-off small group, it now boasts nearly 3000 knitters in 130 groups across the county

Rural isolation is a growing problem especially for the elderly or more vulnerable. With more young people moving out into bustling cities, and decreased money being put into rural areas, now is a crucial time for high social impact groups to step in and support their communities.

Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers provide support to charities at home and abroad with lovingly hand knitted and sewn items. Aside from the actual items, this project creates a much needed, tight-knit community. It allows those who may not live near or see their family to find new friends, be socially active as well as make a positive contribution to the world around them. All of these factors, along with the positive physical effects of knitting for sufferers of arthritis etc, reduce isolation and social barriers for the more lonely and vulnerable in Norfolk.

There are now nearly 3000 members spanning over 130 groups around the county knitting and stitching for charity. The project supports many charities from orphanages and families abroad to small projects at home. Age is no barrier – members range from the young to some well over 100. We have groups in diverse situations reflecting the whole community.

There are now five resource centres where people can use available knitting patterns, pick up donated wool or fabric, choose from new wool which is available for a minimum donation (members only), or just enjoy a chat over a cuppa. Our newsletter keeps all members up to date with the latest projects and keeps all groups across the county connected.

Currently, Norfolk Knitters & Stitchers are supported by the Big Lottery Fund which enables new groups to open wherever there is a need.
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Get in touch if you are interested – there’s room for everyone!