Key Facts

  • Mentoring project running in Norwich, funded by the Department for Education
  • Fully trained volunteers paired with young people to work towards individual goals

Through the support of fully trained volunteers, our Norwich Community Mentors project helps young people and their families to look beyond existing barriers and raise aspirations to achieve both educational and career goals.

Our project staff pair volunteer mentors with young people at three key educational transition stages:

  • Year 6 moving to secondary school
  • Year 9 selecting GCSE options
  • Year 11 transitioning from full-time education to employment, education or training

The pairings are formed at ‘soft-matching’ events, which are designed to be informal, fun ways for a mentee choosing a mentor. At Volunteering Matters we know, from years of experience, that mentoring relationships are much more effective if the beneficiary and mentor are involved in the selection process.

Once volunteers are matched with a young person in need of support, they meet each week to boost the young person’s confidence and encourage them to work towards their own unique goals. All volunteers are given training covering all areas relevant to the role, and a system of support throughout their time on the project.


Volunteering Opportunities run by this project:

Norwich Community Mentors – Volunteer Mentor


Norwich Community Mentors sees young people paired with a fully-trained volunteer mentor at key stages of their development. The project is designed to improve social mobility across Norwich.