Key Facts

With the Department of Transport, we will be working with local partners and community organisations to keep people safe on the transport networks as lockdown restrictions ease over the coming months.

Over the coming months volunteers are going to play a visible role in keeping others safe on the transport network. These Journey Makers will be offering guidance, providing friendly advice, reminding passengers about social distancing measures, preventing overcrowding and helping vulnerable passengers on their journeys.

On behalf of the Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership and the Department for Transport, we will be coordinating this scheme. We know there are over a million experienced volunteers in the UK who want to give their time and energy to support others. And we know that these volunteers – their skills, energy and commitment – are going to be key in keeping people safe on the transport networks as lockdown restrictions are being lifted.

We will be the central hub for this UK-wide effort. By commissioning local partners, providing resources and expertise in volunteer management we’ll be supporting partners and transport providers to recruit and train volunteers and keep people safe.

Soon our local partners will start recruiting volunteers. We’ll keep updating update this page so that communities can continue to support each other as lockdown measures are lifted, and potential Journey Makers know where they can apply for roles in their local area.