Futures Volunteer Mentors cutting trees

Key Facts

  • Enable young people (15-25) with additional support needs to realise their potential
  • Based in Norfolk

The Futures project enables young disabled people to play an active role in their local community and to realise their full potential. We recruit and train volunteer mentors to support the young disabled people. In turn, the volunteer mentors encourage their mentees to volunteer. We firmly believe that, with the right support, young disabled people can make a meaningful and fulfilling contribution to their local community through volunteering.

Our ground-breaking programme was developed in consultation with disabled young people, parents/carers, providers, educational professionals and commissioners to ensure that it meets the needs of each young person during this crucial stage of their development.  Its outcomes clearly support the Preparation for Adulthood Outcomes outlined in the Children and Families Act 2014, particularly within Community Inclusion.

We work closely with young people, their families, schools, and other support networks (including statutory) . Our goal is to help smooth the transition to adulthood, and ensure that the young people don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with their local community and participate in activities outside of the comfort zone of the school environment.

Volunteering offers significant benefits for young disabled people. It provides an opportunity to maximise their skills and future employability, and enables young people to socialise and expand their networks. We run an independence and skills course to help the young people get the most out of their volunteer experience. The course helps them to sharpen their communication skills, offers tips on how to manage deadlines and travel independently, and also covers basic first aid and health and safety.

The volunteer mentors also benefit from the opportunity to make a real difference to the young people they support – it is a real privilege to support them on their journey to becoming more independent and exploring new volunteer, education and employment opportunities.





Volunteering Opportunities run by this project:

Futures Volunteer Mentor (Norfolk)


Volunteer mentors increase the confidence and raise the aspirations of young, disabled people by supporting them to identify and explore post-education activities for leisure, learning, employment and volunteering.