Key Facts

  • Running across Norfolk
  • Provides full time volunteers to adults with a personal budget who want to live independently

Our Choices programme offers independent living support to a wide range of people, including people with disabilities and learning difficulties, older people and families.

Many adults want to live independently but due to high costs of live-in care and the low hours of care provided daily, many people choose to live in care homes instead. Choices gives those with a personal budget, or the means to pay for it, a more cost-effective alternative. With the support of full time volunteers from the UK and abroad, who are available for support with a wide range of tasks, including domestic tasks, companionship, supported holidays, enjoying an active social life and accessing the community, those who previously could not live alone are able to live and feel independent.

Our volunteers are aged 18-35 and each one commits to volunteering 35 hours per week for between 6 months and a year. Volunteering Matters provides ongoing recruitment and support to all service users and assess potential service users on a case by case basis. We usually work with individuals with support needs totaling 35 hours per week or more but this can be adapted if less support is required.

Although our volunteers can be a helpful option for many individuals and families,  they are not an appropriate choice in all circumstances, for example where 24 hour nursing care is required, or medical conditions are serious and advanced.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering, or would like to refer yourself or someone else for this service, then please contact us.

CONTACT US ON 01366 385 839 OR EMAIL