Key Facts

  • Running in Bristol, UK
  • Supports those who can no longer tend to their gardens allowing them to have their own green space; improving mobility, feeling of security and happiness

Many older and disabled tenants can find it difficult to manage their gardens and without relatives or friends to help, making gardens a source of anxiety rather than pleasure. 84% of beneficiaries describe themselves as having a long term illness or disability that prevents them managing their gardens.

The Assisted Gardening Scheme which has been running for over 10 years by Volunteering Matters and Bristol City Council offers affordable help to tenants struggling to manage. In the past year alone, the team of paid gardeners and volunteers have visited over 500 gardens; mowing lawns, cutting back brambles and trimming hedges to create manageable spaces for people to enjoy.

Mr Clark, a tenant in Fishponds said;

“I suffered a stroke some years ago and have severe back problems and mobility problems, when I moved into the property, the garden was a mess. I heard about the scheme through Bristol City Council. The Volunteering Matters team did an absolutely brilliant job – I was quite overwhelmed at the help I received! The team tidied everything up which now allows me to get out and do a few things, I have flowers in pots that I grow while the team handles the heavier work. With the help of the gardening volunteers I am able to continue to enjoy gardening”

Reb Bryant currently volunteering with the gardening scheme says, “It is very satisfying working on the project making a difference to people’s living environments. I am currently unemployed and working with the team gets me out and about as well as gaining new skills and experiences.”

For more information or to get involved:

CONTACT US ON 0117 935 9710 OR EMAIL

Volunteering Opportunities run by this project:

Assisted Gardening Scheme – Volunteer (Bristol)


Volunteers have the opportunity to get creative and transform green spaces into fresh, colourful, blooming gadrens. This is a fantasic way to support and befriend local residents who are no longer able to manage their own gardens.