Key Facts

  • Currently running in Newport and Blackheath
  • Supporting both disabled and older people in these areas to feel more included within their communities

Active Volunteering Wales is a volunteer project that supports adults with specific learning difficulties, encouraging them to becoming engaged in their community and to combat social exclusion.

The Newport based project is community-focused and seeks volunteers to support adults in specific areas. This includes befriending, to help promote independence and social inclusion; social activities, which could be either creating a specific activity to run and attend or finding existing social activities and providing support for clients to access them.

We also aim to support clients to attend volunteer and work experience placements, initially as a support until the client is ready and comfortable to attend by themselves. We believe this is important in breaking barriers and promoting social inclusion.

The Blackwood project is based in a supported living residential home for the elderly, some of whom have disabilities. This project, similarly to that based in Newport involves befriending and the implementing social activities within both the home and the community to help prevent social exclusion and encourage independence.

The projects are important for a number of reasons, as it is:

  • helping to prevent social exclusion of vulnerable people who may not have a strong social network
  • helping individuals to reconnect both with the local and wider community
  • empowering individuals to make their own decisions and to become more independent
  • supporting individuals to meet new friends and re-establish possible lost contacts
  • supporting with the little things that some may take for granted like shopping, taking the bus, paying bills etc.

We are asking for a minimum of four hours a week. If you would like to get involved, or want more information:



Volunteering Opportunities run by this project:

Active Volunteer (Newport)


Active Volunteering Wales volunteers support people to engage more in their local community and to live as independently as possible.