Key Facts

  • Running in Ipswich, Suffolk
  • Personalised and supported volunteering opportunities for adults with a learning disability

Active Volunteering Suffolk provides personalised and supported volunteering opportunities for adults with a learning disability. Through volunteering they can access new environments and activities, and become more independent. We provide support into volunteering by matching individuals with trained Community Volunteer Mentors.

The scheme was developed to enable individuals with a learning difficulty to become involved in locally based activities and play a real and active part in the life of their community. Volunteering gives individuals the chance to contribute and give something back to their community whilst meeting new people and learning new skills that can be used in many areas.

Active Volunteering Suffolk recruits local Community Volunteer Mentors who can support people unable to volunteer without support. They assist with training and have a general befriending role, all giving potential volunteers the skills and confidence they need, and maximising integration.

Opportunities are tailored to the needs of the individual.  Adults with learning difficulties have the opportunities to volunteer in local playgroups, schools, elderly people’s homes, shops, café projects, conservation groups, farms and museums.  Beneficiaries also volunteer on allotments, and support local disabled and elderly people by gardening, socialising, and dog walking.

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Volunteering Opportunities run by this project:

Community Volunteer Mentor, Ipswich

We are seeking Community Volunteer mentors for our Active Volunteering Suffolk project. Active Volunteering Suffolk empowers adults with learning disabilities to take up volunteering placements in different work environments such as retail, gardening and hospitality.  Community Volunteer Mentors support these individuals to complete skills training, improve their social and work skills and gain work experience … Continued