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Key Facts

  • Currently running in the London Borough of Barnet
  • Project for adults who define themselves as having a disability or long-term physical or mental health condition

Active Volunteering Barnet is a project which empowers adults with a disability, or long-term physical or health condition, to capitalise on their skills, interests and goals for the future.We believe that having an impairment, disability or health condition should not prevent anyone from making a meaningful contribution through volunteering and this project aims to empower all to feel confident and able to do this. We achieve this by matching volunteers to placements tailored to their interests, skills and access requirements while providing them with the support they want prior to volunteering. This also includes ongoing support and development plans.

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“Before, I didn’t know what opportunities were out there for me, because I’ve been out of work for a bit. Now I feel much more confident that there really are opportunities for me” – Volunteer

Active Volunteering Barnet have two volunteering opportunities available:

1) Supported Volunteer: Volunteers who want to become more involved in their community will be placed according to their interests, needs and requirements. They may be supported in their volunteering by a Community Mentor.
2) Community Mentor: Volunteers who are recruited from the local community and provide support to volunteers with disabilities. They can help with a wide range of tasks, from supporting volunteers to identify their personal goals and apply for placements, accompanying volunteers to new places until they feel confident enough to travel independently and general befriending and mentoring.

“My confidence has improved a bit, and I’m going to be able to do the work with animals I really wanted to do, so for me the course is a big success” – Volunteer

We believe the project has many benefits from improving confidence and employability of volunteers, enhancing access to employment, increasing self worth and involvement in the community, reducing social isolation through community integration and many more.

For more information on volunteering with the project, or to refer someone for this opportunity, please contact us using the details below

CONTACT US ON 020 8364 8400 Ext. 247 // 07506 845 985 OR EMAIL

Volunteering Opportunities run by this project:

Active Volunteering – Supported Volunteer (Barnet)


Disabled volunteers have the chance to capitalise on their skills, interests, and goals for the future. We work in partnership with local organisations and businesses to provide volunteer placements in diverse work environments such as retail, gardening and hospitals.

Active Volunteering – Volunteer Mentor (Barnet)

Active Volunteering Barnet is a project which empowers adult volunteers with a learning disability, physical disability, sensory impairment or long term physical or mental health condition to engage in volunteering roles.

Active Volunteering – Support Volunteer (Barnet)


This role sees the volunteer to support and engage with individuals with learning difficulties or physical disabilities so they feel prepared and comfortable at their volunteering placements.