BBC Radio London hosted a positive London youth special yesterday evening (12th of April) to showcase the amazing impact young people are making in their communities across the capital. We were delighted that two of our Positive Futures London volunteers featured on the show.

Positive Futures London is aimed at young people aged 13 – 25. The programme supports young people to develop essential employability skills and embark on a journey of growth and positive change.

Volunteers are given the opportunity to develop their own unique social action projects within their local community or volunteer part-time supporting an organisation or project.

Shifau, who is currently doing our bespoke Level 3 AQA accredited course which allows young people to develop their own social action project, spoke about a campaign she is running to challenge stereotypes in her community and Semina, who has also taken part in our Level 3 AQA accredited course spoke about why she got involved.

Listen to the full programme here: BBC Radio London positive London youth special