Grandmentor Darren and mentee Cole were featured on the Mark Murphy show this morning (26 July) on BBC Radio Suffolk to promote our Grandmentors project and encourage more people to volunteer.

Inspired by the accepting and nurturing relationship between a young person and a grandparent, the Grandmentors project recruits, trains and supports volunteer mentors aged 50+, known as Grandmentors, who use their skills and experience to provide mentoring for young people leaving care during their transition into adulthood and independence.

Cole really gave an insight into what his life was like before and how being part of Grandmentors has made a difference, with an honest and open interview.

He said: “It has massively changed my life. Having someone that actually gives an interest and wants to help you. It has made a huge, huge difference…I never used to go to the canteen to eat, I didn’t leave my flat, now I do.”

Listen to the full interview here 45 minutes in to the programme

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