Jess former FTV dream job

Former Full-Time Volunteer, Jess, was interviewed by the Daily Mirror last month about how her volunteering role led to her dream job.

Previously unsure about the route she wanted to pursue with her career, Jess turned to volunteering to discover more about her likes and dislikes.

She had previously heard about Volunteering Matters and decided to delve in and have a look at what volunteering is all about. She found many volunteering opportunities and decided to try some for herself.

Her first role was supporting a gentleman with cerebral palsy. She began to realise she had a natural ability for the role and after that continued to volunteer at her second position, where she discovered the passion she has to care for people with disabilities.

This led her to finding her dream role, caring for children with autism. She now loves all aspects of her job, working at an autism specific school in Hertfordshire. The school provides primary, secondary and post-16 support to up to 55 pupils. Although challenging at times, Jess says she loves the highs and the lows of her job.

Jess encourages everyone to take part in volunteering as she discovered many things about herself, leading her to this dream role.

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