We’re delighted to welcome our new chief executive, Paul Reddish. Paul is a passionate advocate for volunteering and the positive role it plays in society. He joins us from ProjectScotland, where he is currently CEO. Paul has also worked in the Finance Sector, leading teams to drive engagement and growth at Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Outside of work, Paul volunteers himself. He has voluntary roles as Director of Cricket Scotland and as the Chair for Inch Park Community Sports Trust in Scotland.

“I’m delighted to be joining Volunteering Matters. The charity is enabling countless individuals to make such a positive difference to their communities.

The role of volunteering today plays a crucial role in combating some of the major challenges we face such as rising inequality, social isolation and health and wellbeing.

I’m honoured to join an organisation that has such a high reputation for empowering volunteers to make a difference to people and their communities.”


Volunteers from a range of projects involved in the CEO recruitment process

Volunteers Are At the heart of what we do

We’re really proud that a group of volunteers were able to take part in the recruitment process. They represented the diverse range of volunteers we work with. The group included younger volunteers on youth social action projects and older people running RSVP projects.

They met all the final candidates for the role, and their feedback helped inform the final decision. Our volunteers are what make our work so vital and impactful. So it was essential that a representative group played a key role in this process. Thank you again to the volunteers that took part.

To start your volunteering journey, or to find out what projects and programmes are running in your area, enter your postcode in our opportunity finder at the link below.