Our Youth for Social Action (YSA) “survival kit” is an online resource designed to help young people through this anxious time. Content will include art, sport, music and well-being resources – in any online format – film clips, blogs that document young people’s volunteering, live demo’s and performances.

Your role as a remote media champion will be to research social network channels for people willing to donate content for the YSA platform.

Additionally, you will blog/document what you’re doing to stay safe while social isolating; Share your experiences so that other young people can be inspired by the efforts that are taking place.

Key Duties:

1. Share our contact information with anyone who you find who is willing to donate content

2. Share posters, presentations, quizzes and forms on your personal social network channels. There is no safeguarding risk involved; we won’t ask you to add or follow anyone new – just share it amongst the people that you readily engage with on your social networks.

3. Share your reach information with us so that we know how many that you have managed to reach with your posts. There is no target, it is just helpful for us to know how many people the initiative has managed to reach.

4. Social responsibility; we need you to collect appropriate content (content that does not contain any profane language, that does not depict any indecency and that will not cause offence to anyone).

You will receive

  • Training and support from a Volunteer Manager
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Future references
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How to apply

Or call 01495 750333