The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) has an exciting opportunity to take a central role in supporting Clinical Commissioning Groups in the scale up and roll out of personal health budgets, and in enabling greater choice, control and flexibility to people who are interested in taking them up.

A Personal Health Budget (PHB) is an amount of money to support the identified healthcare and well-being needs of an individual. It is planned and agreed between the individual (or their representative) and the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). It is a more personalised way of spending health funding, offering the individual choice and control over how their health and wellbeing needs are met.

VCS organisations are well placed to offer a range of support options for individuals – roles as diverse as promotion, signposting, person centred planning, administrative support, and direct service delivery.
We are inviting interested organisations to join a learning and support network, which will enable you to understand these options and how to work in partnership with CCGs locally to develop an offer in your locality.

WHO is the network for?

– Voluntary sector organisations practising the values underpinning personalisation, peer support and working with people with lived experience;
– Organisations seeking to offer support to people who are interested in or eligible to receive a PHB.

What will YOU get from the Network?

 Understanding of Personal Health Budgets:
– up to date briefings on national policy and developments
– knowledge of what your CCG’s Local Offer is
– guidance on how to engage with PHBs and work in partnership with CCGs;
 Appreciation of how you can work together to develop local solutions;
 Opportunity to share experiences, learn from good practice, and build local connections.

To initiate these networks:

We are holding a series of 3 learning and development days. These days will offer you a unique opportunity to gain information, advice, and guidance on the Personal Health Budget process, both nationally and locally from NHSE and CCG colleagues, and individuals and organisations engaging with lived experience. Over the 3 days we will support you to develop an engagement plan within your organisation and/or locality, and provide you with an opportunity to meet others wishing to engage with Personal Health Budgets and form potential partnerships and alliances.
We are requesting a commitment to attend the 3 scheduled learning events as a minimum, with a view to building an ongoing learning and development network for your area. Due to the potential high demand of these events, we are limiting attendance to 1 person per organisation and will be prioritising VCSE groups who can demonstrate a clear commitment to the values underpinning personalisation. If we are over-subscribed, we reserve the right to offer places to organisations who we think would most benefit.

To book a place:

Please follow the links below for more information and to register your place:
East Midlands, 28th Sept 2016
East of England, 4th Oct 2016
North West, 6th Oct 2016
North East, 20th Oct 2016
South East (Surrey), 1st Nov 2016
South East (Reading), 9th Nov 2016
London, 10th Nov 2016
North, 15th Nov 2016
West Midlands, 17th Nov 2016



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