Our Employee Volunteering team has over 25 years’ experience of providing the best possible employee volunteering programmes and experiences for our clients. A key strand of that is the regular volunteering in schools that we facilitate and support, and we’ve just had the results in from our annual evaluation survey.

This year we saw to it that over 40 schools across the UK were supported by corporate volunteers, and 100% of those schools felt volunteers’ support was beneficial to the school and students. In fact over 600 students were supported by our corporate volunteers with literacy, numeracy, foreign languages and general mentoring – and a massive 98% of them stated they had seen an improvement in their volunteer supported subjects!

Numbers aside, it’s also immensely gratifying to hear the feedback from the participants:

On behalf of Volunteering Matters, our corporate volunteering clients and the schools we work with, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our school volunteers for all their hard work, support and commitment during the last academic year. As our Head of Employee Volunteering Bev Frain puts it so well:

“Employee Volunteering in schools really does make a huge contribution to the future life chances of our children and young people, by having such a direct positive impact on their personal development and skills.”

If you and/or your organisation are interested in setting up a volunteering in schools with us please get in touch!