Volunteering Matters recently shared our expertise in volunteering for and with 50+ year olds on South Korean TV.

KBNe UK, a partner of Korean Broadcasting Network in Europe, are producing a TV documentary about life and opportunities for senior citizens and the importance of the third sector, and sought to highlight our work in the UK.

Jang, Jeong Hoon, the Production Manager, said:  “As life expectancy is getting as high as 100 years old, we are trying to explore the generation of baby boomers, their future, and their career. How they can enjoy their life with the new opportunity for a new career or voluntary work, and how they can do something for community with their experience, and seasoned skills. We believe the role of the third sector is very important in a society and will be able to bring important issues, and impact in many areas.”

Our recent RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme) conference in Salisbury provided the perfect backdrop for the production team to meet our Chief Executive Oonagh Aitken and many of our amazing volunteers to learn about how volunteering can have a positive impact on the volunteer, beneficiary and society as a whole.

The conference had a packed agenda covering topics such as safeguarding and data protection. But as most delegates mentioned when interviewed, one key benefit of the conference was the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other volunteers from around the UK.

Our interviews will be included in the documentary which will air in South Korea later this year. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the footage, with thanks to Salisbury City Council for allowing filming in the venue.