This month sees the launch of our brand new campaign to change young people’s perceptions of volunteering. Titled ‘ Revolution You ’, our campaign aims to challenge preconceived notions of volunteering and encourage more young people to consider a gap year in the UK.

We’re launching a short film and series of ads with a switched on, energetic feel.  An extension to our Volunteering Matters brand, but inspiring an even more active, get up and do attitude. Revolution You gives a flavour of the different career paths volunteering can lead to and the hidden skills it can uncover.

Full-Time Volunteering

Our Full-Time Volunteering programme is an opportunity for young people to discover what they care about, and do something about it. But not enough young people recognise the potential of volunteering in the UK – especially as a full-time option.  This isn’t due to apathy or lack of skill – we know that many young people have the ability and determination to enrich their communities, and we want to help them start their own personal revolution.

We also hope that this campaign will dispel some of the myths around volunteering for young people. It’s not just about helping others (although that is of course an integral part), but it can also transform the life of the volunteer. Our volunteers tell us they’ve increased their confidence, made friends for life, and discovered hidden talents they never knew they had.

Click below to watch the film and share with anyone who might want to start their own revolution!

Watch the film