As the Chief Executive of a national volunteering and social action organisation, social cohesion and inclusion are values that I hold dearly. We have been a member of the European Union for decades, and we are now entering a period of social and economic uncertainty.

The result has illuminated the desperate need for greater social cohesion throughout the UK. I genuinely believe that volunteering can help our communities to heal.  While there is no consensus on what the future will hold, many political commentators have predicted a weakened economy, staff shortages in the health and care sector, and other worrying outcomes.

At this time of division, there is an urgent need to restore trust in society. First and foremost, through volunteering you can support the most vulnerable members of our society to live an active and fulfilling life. But volunteering offers so much more: it’s an opportunity to learn more about your neighbours, to build a better society, to say no to division and yes to hope. If you’re disappointed with the referendum result, I urge you to take action and volunteer: be the type of neighbour that you hope you’ll have when you need a helping hand.