From International Women’s Day 2019 this 8th March, Volunteering Matters are proud to be taking part in the Period Dignity Campaign, which is being run by union ‘Unite’.

From today onwards, staff at projects and programmes across the country will have access to free sanitary products in their offices, which will also be available for office visitors to use. Unite outlines the reason for the campaign, and on the website explains:

By making changes in our workplaces, our places of education, and in society, women and girls will be able to have a positive period knowing that they are able to access sanitary products. Having a period is natural and should not be a source of awkwardness for anyone. 

We are excited to be involved in this campaign and would encourage other organisations to consider their involvement. There are details about how you can get involved on Unite’s website, in the workplace or at home

Find out more about the Period Dignity campaign

Did you know our SAFE project is funded for three years by the government’s Tampon Tax?